Without Hesitation, We Contacted Nick Rego!

My son was bitten by the neighbor's dog while playing in our back yard. My wife and I, were scared and worried about his immediate health and future complications from this horrible moment. We knew that our then 3 year old son had been harmed and we needed someone we could trust that represent him in the court of law. Without hesitation, we contacted Nick Rego. Nick's reassurance and professionalism, helped us catch our breath. He was persistent throughout the entire process of collecting information and was respectful to our unstable range of emotions throughout this devastating moment for my family. I never felt that any of my questions were of nuisance for him regardless of the time or day. He was always prompt at returning my emails and phone calls. He was very helpful with keeping me informed of important timelines and making sure that all parties involved were working towards justice for my son. I am beyond satisfied with the outcome of this horrific event and feel my son was represented fairly by Mr. Rego. Due to Mr. Nick Rego's knowledge, professionalism, and passion for his clients, I highly recommend him, should anyone need his representation. Thank you, Mr. Nick Rego for providing our family with the closure that we needed.

- Brent
Highly Satisfied!

My daughter died in a car accident and Mr. Rego helped me recover damages which were collected. Mr. Rego was personally involved in the representation. From the initial meeting until the final execution of the settlement documents, I met directly with Mr. Rego and not someone else at his office. I am highly satisfied with the results of the case and I would recommend Mr. Rego to anyone with a wrongful death or injury claim.

- Tony
Thank God I Listened To Mr. Rego! - 50 Times the Insurance Company's Offer

I called Mr. Rego after suffering an injury in a car accident, but was hesitant to hire an attorney. I did not hire him right away. After a few weeks the insurance company sent me a check for $500.00 in settlement of my injury claim. Before signing the Release documents, I called Mr. Rego again. Although I needed the money, he strongly urged that I not accept the settlement offer from the insurance company. Thank God I listened to Mr. Rego, because shortly thereafter, my injury flared up and in the end I needed surgery on my elbow. Because I trusted Mr. Rego, he was able to obtain the available policy limits of $25,000. That was 50 times the insurance company's original offer.

- Richard

A Personal injury is a bodily injury caused by someone else’s negligence.

Under the law an injured person is entitled to be compensated for when someone else’s negligent or intentional act caused the person harm.